Social Media Marketing

Optimize Your Social Presence

Strategies for promotion on Social Networks

Social media has become one of the fastest growing platforms online. There are millions of users on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The growth of these social network sites makes it an extraordinary opportunity to promote your business, expand your network of contacts, and grow relationships with users and retain existing customers. Not to mention, it is cost effective.

But in order to promote your business properly, and get the most views and sales, you need the proper social media marketing strategy to help you with this advertising speciality.

Einteractive Marketing Solutions takes social media to another level. We build campaigns structured to your audience and promotions that can be designed to reach an audience 5 or 500 miles away from you.

The social media approach involves proper disclosure of a commercial message. It is important to produce valuable content and high engagement that stimulates shares and likes by users.

The primary purpose of social media marketing is to expand the audience, enhance brand awareness and acquire contact profiles. Einteractive Marketing Solutions consultation in social media is aimed at small and large companies, as well as brands and professionals, who wish to use social networks effectively by developing strategies that work.

Social Media Strategy

After analyzing your brand's presence on social networks, we develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize visibility, reputation, customer interaction and sales processing and loyalty. By doing so, we define the clear objectives, activities and content necessary to achieve the best results.

Creative Advertisement and Development

  • Managing advertisement campaigns on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Creating and developing campaigns with high engagement: applications, content, landing tabs, mini-sites)

Content Marketing

  • Definition of viral content and value to increase visibility and interaction
  • Content with high production engagement using photos, videos, white papers and infographics
  • Posting content on the channels and networks which can trigger word of mouth monitoring and reporting

Integration and Social Media Sites

  • Integrate social plugins and widgets on websites to increase interaction
  • Integrating Open Graph and Google Authorship
  • Integration of advanced functions such as Facebook actions and Facebook connect

Management Of Social Presence

  • Management and monitoring of social media presence
  • Setup, customization and optimization profiles and social brand pages
  • Planning, production and publishing content
  • Interaction with users, operating and managing critical situations
  • Training for corporate social media teams
  • Monitoring and reporting

Social Branding Reputation

  • Sentiment analysis for social media accounts
  • Constant monitoring for detection in real time mentions and shares
  • Planning strategies and corrective actions in case of negative mentions
  • Critical management with monitoring and reporting