Build & Enhances The Identity of Your Brand

Make it your own Brand and your Identity

Brand identity encompasses the entire conceptual universe of a brand: the graphics, the system of values related to the company and the peculiarities that distinguish it. In other words, what is perceived by consumers on an emotional and instinctive level. Einteractive Marketing Solutions supports your company in building a brand identity that is consistent. We also encompass all the information needed to create your brand: logo design, visual identity and corporate image.

The recognition of a company is closely linked to its reputation. The brand identity is the set of symbols and values that evoke an entire image. It is how a company is placed on the market and differs from all the other competition. Einteractive Marketing Solutions specializes in Brand Identity Design, tailored to your needs with a focus on making you stand out above the rest.

What is Our Service

  • Analysis of internal perceptions: the mark and using pre-existing data collection and interviews and the examination of the communication material already used previously.
  • Analysis of competitors: to define the most effective way with which to differentiate your brand by identifying the strengths.
  • Definition of the values ​​and attributes of the brand: the basis on which we value the imagery invoked by your company and your products.
  • Defining the Brand Character: brand personality, all the tangible and intangible characteristics that distinguish a brand.
  • Brand Architecture: analyze and rationalize the system of the brand, starting with the correct position and method at the level of meanings associated with, and then develop every aspect of communication in line with the Corporate Identity.
  • Concept and graphic design of the logo: adaptable to different business contexts (brochures, business cards, website, gadgets, etc.).
  • Color analysis and study of the lettering: are the essential steps for building a brand identity consistent in every aspect, for this will help you to effectively communicate your corporate identity by translating visual language in the quality of your business.
  • Restyling and rebranding: in some cases it is appropriate to intervene on existing logos and corporate image with minor adjustments and adaptations to new contexts. Einteractive Marketing Solutions provides you with graphic solutions more congenial to your brand, and corporate image without losing the link with the tradition and history of your brand.