Google AdWords

Pay Per Click Campaigns with Rate on Return Tracking

Would you like your website to be visible on the search engines in a short time? Would you like to immediately increase the visitors on your website? Would you like to advertise your business or services offered at certain times of the year?

The ideal solution to these needs is Advertising on Google AdWords, or Pay Per Click.

There are many advantages to using AdWords such as the rapidity in the activation of a campaign and the ability to profile the target. Pay Per Click is cost effective and suitable for every budget.

Using PPC, you can be featured on Google and it's partner sites and be visible just by using the proper keywords, search terms, language and geolocation.

When using PPC, you can set a particular budget and time for the campaign to be activated. You can also match the classic SEO activity to increase visibility for a set of keywords, to identify words that are most profitable in terms of views and conversions generated.

With all these advantages, AdWords proves to be a smart investment..

Vast Experience On Google AdWords

Einteractive Marketing Solutions manages numerous Pay Per Click campaigns for clients on a national and international level.

We have developed strong skills and experience in all areas, including the most competitive fields. Customers who use our agency rely on the security of a partner with the skills necessary to develop high- performance AdWord campaigns, aimed at achieving concrete results and return on investment.

Choosing Einteractive Marketing Solutions for your AdWords campaigns, will save you time and money on much of your advertising investment because we are a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs.

The Stages of a Pay Per Click Campaign

Our advice for managing Google AdWords campaigns involves the creation, optimization and monitoring of a Pay Per Click campaign, which is divided into the following phases:

1. Identifying and Selecting Target Keywords
  • Identifying target users
  • Choosing the best keywords which are competitive and profitable niche
  • Benchmark competitors advertisers
2. Definition of Objectives and Budget
  • Defining goals and conversion tracking setup
  • Defining the average cost per click and daily budget
  • Analysis and prediction of click based on the pre-budget

3. Creation Ads and Landing Pages
  • Creating advertisements for network search and / or display
  • Development landing page related to ads
4. Monitoring, Optimization, Report
  • Periodic monitoring of campaign
  • Analysis of all the statistical data (impressions, CPC, CTR, quality score, conversion)
  • Optimization campaign in optical ROI (return on investment)
  • Reporting of results